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Given that we are posting conference info, I wanted to alert friends in and around Boston concerning this conference at the Pappas Patristic Institute of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology on April 17-19.  I will be delivering a paper there so interested parties are invited to meet me for a pint or some chowder somewhere during these couple of days.


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On Commenting

While the discussion here has been cordial for the most part, I must voice some concerns about the general tone which some commenters have been taking of late. 

First, we have some clearly laid out guidelines for commenting.  Read them. 

Second, this is a forum for intelligent and charitable discussion, not for waging theological war and doing all we can to win.  If you want to write a tome on an issue, go do so on your own blog.  We are here to discuss our different perspectives, not to see whose theological edifice is biggest.  Thus, it is essential that we stay on topic, and be willing to actually engage the points made by others while giving them the respect they deserve as human beings with brains.

Third, if you are not prepared to stay on topic, or if your concern is solely to prove how right you are, please spare yourself the time it takes to write and others the time it takes to read what you have to say and do not comment here. 

Fourth, some have unfortunately wandered into the pit of triumphalism.  Your brothers are not stupid, and your case is most likely not as cut and dry or “clear” as you think it is.  Present your argument, but please be courteous and respectful towards the views of others.  Even if you are convinced that you are clearly in the right, you ought to be sensitive to the fact that things are just not so clear to others.  And these others are not idiots: they are your brothers.  Heck, some of them even spend all their time thinking about the sorts of things we talk about here.

I will not be hesitating any longer to place people on permanently moderated status. 

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